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Bathroom Cleaning Service Company

When you plan to clean your entire bathroom whether it's a powder room or master bath, our team is here to give you a big refresh.

Daily, you use your bathroom to keep your body clean, so it's necessary to keep your bathroom clean always. Due to the continuous use of water, steam, soap and oil, dirt and grease will be formed quickly which is highly prone to bacteria, fungus, and unwanted odors.

To eradicate mildew and other dirt buildup in the bathroom, it's safe to deep clean your bathroom at least two days in a week, depending on how you clean your shower,floor, or disinfect faucets.

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Deep Clean Entire Bathroom

Most dirt or bacteria prone areas like toilets, sinks, and other high-traffic areas should be cleaned at least twice a week.

Bathroom Floor Deep cleaning

If your bathroom floor has a tile-lined shower, then keep the grout clean from becoming dingy and yellow by giving it a deep clean weekly.

Sink Deep cleaning

Hair strands and toothpaste buildup will block your sink that in turn carries tons of germs to be populated making it an unhealthy place.

Toilet Deep Cleaning

Everyone needs their toilet bowl to be clean and white, moreover we also want to make sure the seat and handle are of germs free.

Tub Deep Cleaning

Get ahead of the grime in your tub by cleaning it on a regular basis. Everyone needs a healthy tub to bath.

Bathroom Cleaning, A Must.

Don't forget to clean the ceilings, grills, exhaust fan and clean the rest for hygienic living.

You're probably so busy cleaning the floors and tiles in your bathroom but you don't even think about the ceiling. Get rid of your bathroom germs with our bathroom cleaning techniques that work effectively.

You're probably so busy cleaning the floors and tiles of your bathroom that you don't even think about the ceiling. The process is not at all complicated as you think, leave to us every hectic cleaning job ,we will take care of it.

Using our advanced equipment, we'll make your hard surface floors glossy and bright. If you are worried about the ugly chemical stains , roughness or dullness on your stone floor, then this polishing method will take away all your stains and restore the original shine.

Step By Step,We Do It Perfect

We love to clean and love to train . And, we know that our valuable customers like our service as it fits their budget.

As an expert in cleaning floors, Our trained professionals adapt the best floor-care equipment and efficient methods to clean, protect and restore your floor to a supreme shine.

  • We clean according to the customer choice
  • Provides Screened & trained employees
  • All Equipment & supplies are provided
  • Eco-friendly greener cleaning is our motto
  • We offer Free consultation for easy planning

Trusted Safe Hands for Cleaning

Eradicate harmful pathogens a safe, discreet and legally compliant manner. Let's control the virus .

Be Proactive

We use only the best quality and tried and tested cleaning systems – including disinfectants, equipment and procedures.

Ensure Containment

Our strict decontamination procedures allow us to contain any viral outbreaks quickly and with the least amount of impact.

Act Fast

Our technology has 90% faster delivery time so we can act fast and secure more areas of risk quickly and fastly.

Latest equipments

We use the latest cleaning equipment in the industry like Automated 360° Foggers, Cold ULV Fogger, Hand-held electrostatic sprayer, etc.

Full service

We offer full time professional cleaning service for our customers to always keep them safe and secure.

Cost-effective solutions

We offer cost- effective cleaning solutions to make sure your facility is clean, hygienic and safe is more important than ever before.

Cleaning at its finest.

Cleaning homes for over 30 years, fully insured cleaners and professional service. You can book services on a daily, weekly or hourly basis, depending on what’s convenient for you.

Free Estimates

We will provide free estimates over the phone to give clients an understanding of service cost and budget.


We have a team of high-calibre cleaners who are qualified and enthusiastic and providing you with only the best service

Excellent Track Record

We pride ourselves on consistently exceeding customer expectations and hold a steady track record of excellent service.

Flexible Cleaning

We provide truly flexible cleaning services that fit to your needs and treat every client as an individual.

Guarantee of Work

At Ideal Cleaning Services, we ensure complete guarantee of our work and at the end, we make sure it meets our standards.

Reliable service

At Ideal Cleaning Services, we provide reliable cleaning services for our clients to form lasting relationships.

Get Your Space Disinfected

Forget about the days of casual cleaning whether it is your home office or Industrial premises .

A complete santisation and disinfection service is needed in this pandemic era. We provide disinfection service approved By municipalities .

We provide safe, sustainable, and healthy living solutions for all areas of your home and business including air and surfaces, using the most advanced eco-friendly technologies. The list of some of the towns are given below.

  • Al Ramaqiya
  • Al Darari
  • Al Gharayen
  • Medows
  • Al Juraina
  • Burdubai
  • Al Khalidiya
  • Al Khan
  • Al Majaz

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100% Safe for Indoor and Outdoor Areas. Let's get your place disinfected. Call us for the best Disinfection services in UAE .

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