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Jun 16, 2020

How often should you clean your home and things at home?

Routine House Cleaning Meets Good Health

Do you hate to get sick? Hope, there was a solution to keep your family well and healthier? Even if it is not your concern, keeping your home clean and spotless can give you benefit in terms of your wellness. Some areas and corners of your home are a haven of germs and allergens than others. And the frequency with which you should clean the various parts of your home will vary according to the area or spot.

So how repeatedly should you clean each area of the home? We’ve got your solutions! You don't have to be worried. Just read the following tips to find out how often your cleaning should be carried out to keep your home and family as healthy as possible.

Living Rooms

Living rooms are usually some of the most beloved areas of the home. But, dirt in kids and pets can make spills, so it’s very important to clean up with this area often. Here’s how regularly you should clean everything in your living room.


Once a week: A carpet is a place where dust, dirt, and allergens tend to hide. Cleaning your floors weekly with a good-quality vacuum cleaner is very important. In areas with regular foot traffic, you should have to vacuum more than once a week.

Protip: If you want to clean dirt in your carpet, mix a spoon of liquid dish detergent with warm water and one teaspoon white vinegar. Apply this mix on the spot and then rinse and dry!


Once every two weeks: Most people don’t understand how much dirt, dust, fur, and oils your furniture absorbs. It paves way for allergens and other nasty things if left ignored. Proper cleaning helps to extend the life of your furniture.

Protip: Clean your upholstery by using professional cleaning about once a year, but it will depend on how much you use the furniture.

Windows and Blinds

Once a month: Home windows and blinds highly accumulate dust and dirt. To keep the contamination under control, clean or wash your windows and blinds at least once a month.

Protip: Use a mixture of vinegar and water while cleaning blinds. Wipe the blinds with the mix for a quick and easy clean.

Ceiling Fans

Once a month: Do your ceiling fans get dusty? To limit the dust accumulation, clean the top of your blinds once in a week.

Protip: You can prevent the dust from falling everywhere if you use a pillowcase to dust your fan blades. Just push each fan leaf into the pillow cover and encircle the cover around it, then take it off. The dust will stay inside the cover and you can wash it when you’re done!

Clean Your Kitchen Daily

Cross-contamination can be a serious problem in the kitchen. Every time you use the kitchen for cooking, you stand the chance of spreading foodborne pathogens. One of the best techniques to keep your kitchen free from bacterias and viruses is to wipe down the kitchen every day. Use a sanitizing product to prevent germs off your counters, and be sure to wipe down any surface that may come into contact with food. That's important to make sure last night's bacterial leftovers don't end up in tomorrow's lunch.

The Toilet: Daily

Cleaning your toilet every day is a good way to stay infection-free. It sounds like quite a routine, cleaning the toilet each day, but learn this: if you're doing this each day, it doesn't need almost as much cleaning each time. To do it easier, keep your disinfectant close to the toilet. If it's comfortable enough, you can apply this to a healthy habit.