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Jun 17, 2020

How to maintain leather furniture at your home - 5 valuable tips for easy Sofa Cleaning.

Easy tips to keep your leather furniture new

Leather furniture looks classy and adds beauty to the interior of your home. Leather caring and cleaning is not a simple task as merely cleaning with a wet cloth is not going to benefit. Here are some helpful tips that could assist you to keep your furniture better.

1) Dusting and vacuum-cleaning regularly

Dusting your leather furniture regularly will help in not letting the dust fall on your furniture. Even after dusting many particles are left and that can be taken care of by vacuum-cleaning. Vacuuming eliminates debris and dirt from the sides and crevices of the furniture that is unlikely to get cleaned by normal dusting.

2) Don’t allow the stain to settle

Leather sofas do get stained simply, however, care must be taken to clean any kind of spillage fast. Moreover, you can use a soft dry cloth to wipe spillage. And if the spillage has become stubborn stains, you can use a soft wet cloth to wipe it. Remember that, do not clean oily stains using wet cloth as it will worsen the condition. Consult an expert cleaner in such situations.

3) For good nourishing and conditioning of leather

Day-to-day cleaning is not enough for leather furniture, professional cleaning is best suitable for the best conditioning of furniture and it also needs to be conditioned at regular intervals.

Olive oil or hide food can be used for leather conditioning.

4) Test any maintenance product before using it

You should not trust every other product available in the market for the maintenance of leather upholstery. It is always better to test the quality and effect of the product by applying it on a corner of the furniture so that if there are some undesirable effects the whole furniture can be saved.

5) Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

Make sure that you don’t expose your leather furniture to direct sunlight as it can lead to discoloration and then later cracks. Try to keep it away from all heat-emitting objects to keep it in good condition always.

Keep these tips in mind and your leather furniture will be as good as new!


Sofas make an integral part of our home decor. Billions of homeowners keep the sofa in their households due to the ambiance and comfort provided by them. To maintain the hygiene of your leather sofa, hire professional cleaners because they know how to cleanse it perfectly. There are several benefits to getting a sofa cleaned. Let’s have a look at the top 4 benefits of getting your sofa cleaned by a professional sofa cleaner:

1) Health Problems

Sofas naturally trap a lot of dust particles, allergens, and bacteria present in the air. Such particles and allergens can harm your whole body and respiratory system. Moreover, these particles also cause breathing issues like asthma. Therefore, it is advisable to remove these particles from your sofa and keep your sofa clean.

2) Will give a new look

Clean your sofa by using the help of professional cleaning services at least twice in a year to clean the dust particles and make it look squeaky clean. Vacuuming and spot cleaning plays a significant function in sofa cleaning and gives it a new look. Giving a deep clean can help to eliminate deep stains as well that steal the looks of your sofa.

3) Odor

A sofa is used by the family and guests for sitting purposes. These often come in touch with perspiration and other allergens from the atmosphere. These cause the bad smell to be caught inside your sofa. Many homeowners have pets and their excreta too creates a bad smell in your sofas. You must hire a professional cleaner who can clean your sofa and make it free from any kind of odor.

4) Extend the life of your sofa

Once you hire professional and expert sofa cleaners, you are assured that your sofas are well cleaned and disinfected. If you have selected professionally trained cleaners, you can be assured that no tools or chemicals will harm your sofa. Now that you have these benefits of professional sofa cleaning revealed, trust the ones who are masters of their task and work professionally to clean your sofa.